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Is There a Moral Duty to Disclose That You're Transgender to a Potential Partner?

February 12, 2018

Disclosure and relationships is one of the most contentious transgender issues, not only for the legal ramifications but for personal safety as well. Does it make a difference if you have a GRC? or if you do want to disclose to a potential partner, when is the right time? Here is a very interesting and thought-provoking article by Sherry F. Colb.

Report "Inside Gender Identity"

December 01, 2017

“Inside Gender Identity: A report on meeting the health and social care needs of transgender people in the criminal justice system”.

The report was commissioned by NHS England.

Transgender Equality Report

December 08, 2015

Parliamentary inquiry by the Women's Select Committee into Transgender Equality.

Government response to the Transgender Equality Report

June 30, 2016

Government response to the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s Report and Recommendations on Transgender Equality

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